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Regional Timetables:The concept behind the railfan timetable is to provide you with a single source of information needed to railfan the state successfully. These Railfan Timetables provide all track the detail for each class one road, both mainline and branches. The detail includes the railroad frequencies, passenger trains on the line, speed limits, station names, mileposts, location of talking detectors, DTC blocks, siding lengths and helper districts. This publication includes a section, "Special Instructions" with detailed rosters, frequency lists, symbol charts, color map and color signal aspects. Railfan Timetables are the perfect all-around guide for railfanning the west.

Sample Page

Description MSRP Our $ Part #
California Region Timetable #16
New: March 2005
$19.95 ALT-WCA
Kansas City Timetable #1 $16.00 ALT-WKC
Mountain Plains Region Timetable #4 $18.00 ALT-WMP
Northwest Region Timetable #7
$19.95 ALT-WNW
Rocky Mountain Region Timetable #7
New: June 2005
$19.95 ALT-WRM
Southwest Region Timetable #5
New: September 2004
$19.95 ALT-WSW
Texas Region Timetable #1
New: October 2002
$19.95 ALT-TX


Description MSRP Our $ Part #
SP West Colton Yard Map $5.00 ALT-WWC

Railfan Books

Description MSRP Our $ Part #
Trains, Tracks & Trolleys $14.00 ALT-WTTT