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Northwest Region TimeTable #7
Part #ALT-WNW N Scale Supply Price
New: September 2004

This edition covers the states of Alaska. Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Includes Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Alaska Railroad, Willamette & Pacific, Portland & Western and Central Oregon & Pacific. Complete with ten maps seven color pages, three inset maps, including a special map of Stampede Pass. 4" x 10½"

What's New in this edition: (Changes in this edition are what is known through July 8, 2003)

Burlington Northern Santa Fe: In addition to the usual speed restriction, frequency and detector changes, revised and corrected detectors on the Scenic, Lakeside Subdivisions; Major adjustments to operation on the Seattle Subdivision; Oregon Electric transfer to Portland & Western; Revised alignments of the Kootenai and Fallbridge Subdivisions. Expanded coverage of the Gateway Subdivision.

Union Pacific: In addition to the usual speed restriction, frequency and detector changes, Added new control points to Brooklyn, Cascade and Black Butte Subdivisions; added new joint operations with BNSF on Seattle Subdivision.

Shortline Changes: Major revisions to Portland and \Western and Willamette & Pacific with new service on the Astoria District and additional trackage on the Oregon Electric. Revision to INP adding the Joseph Subdivision revising to the Wallowa Union; New milepost renumbering on the Tacoma Rail; Revised Weyerhaeuser trackage to Port of Chehalis; New shortlines and operations of WCTU, Meeker Southern, BG&CM, Issaquah Trolley, Northwest Railway Museum, Lake Whatcom Railway, Yakima Valley Trolley, Willamette Shore Trolley, Astoria Riverside Trolley, Sumpter Valley Railroad.

Special Instructions: Complete new, revised symbol listings for both BNSF and UP; Frequency revisions; Complete new UP and BNSF roster with other updates; Amtrak and passenger schedules revised to April 28, 2003.

Maps: Revised as necessary to reflect changes.

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