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California Region TimeTable #16
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New: March 2005
This is the Granddaddy of all railranning timetables.
  • 7 Current full-color maps
  • 104 pages covering ALL Class One and Shortlines in California
  • 9 Inset maps showing metropolitan areas in greater detail, including 2 new ones
  • Displays complete symbol charts
  • Revised rosters
  • Updated frequencies for all railroads
  • Added new station profiles for the Alameda Corridor and Richmond Pacific
  • New Amtrak schedules
  • Thousands of revisions
The 16th edition of The California Region Timetable is now available. The new edition has been intensively revised to include many speed changes, revised BNSF detector information, Sierra Railroad's new acquisitions, and new CTC on Caltrain Peninsula Commute. This is the Granddaddy of all railfan timetables.
4 x 10 1/2", 104 pages.
ISBN 0-9701442-9-6
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