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ScotchlokTM Connectors
ScotchlokTM Tap Connector for Splicing one wire into an existing wire:
16-22AWG Wire (solid or stranded)

Perfect for splicing track feeders to a bus cable or any type of splice connection. Just place the two wires inside the connector and crimp closed with a pair of pliers. The double bladed metal connector cuts through the insulation and makes firm contact with the wire. For smaller wire sizes please see the UG connector below.

Pack of 10 Part # 3M-558 N Scale Supply Price: $4.19
Pack of 100 Part # 3M-558-100 N Scale Supply Price: $32.99
NOTE #1: Please notice that this connector has a U-shaped, 2-sided metal insert, other brands have only a single-sided insert which does not seem to grip the wire as well.
NOTE #2: Our testing shows that this product will work reliably with 14AWG wire for the purposes of Model Railroad electronics. We have used the product on a local layout for connecting 22 gauge feeders to a 14 gauge bus wire without any problems.
19-26AWG Wire (solid or stranded)

Very similar in purpose to the above listed #558 connector, this product works extremely well for 19 gauge to 26 gauge wire. We have used this product for connecting Tortoise switch machines, signaliing and other low-voltage applications using small wire. Works with 24 gauge telephone wire as well.

Pack of 10 Part # 3M-UG N Scale Supply Price: $3.99
Pack of 100 Part # 3M-UG-100 N Scale Supply Price: $30.75