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TTXArticulated Auto Carrier $30.00QAAF0190May 5, 16Rolling Stock
Atchison, Topeka & Santa FeGE Dash 8-40B $50.00QAAP0104Apr 20, 16Engines
Atchison, Topeka & Santa FeGE Dash 8-40BW $55.00QAAP0111Apr 13, 16Engines
Atlas60' Auto Parts Box Car $16.00QAAR0140Mar 18, 16Rolling Stock
HoneymeadACF PressureAide Center Flow $8.00QAAR0147Apr 11, 16Rolling Stock
Beilly Industries23,500 Gallon Tank Car $12.00QAAR0159Apr 6, 16Rolling Stock
PennsylvaniaFairbanks Morse Train Master $55.00QAAR0163Apr 11, 16Engines
Chicago, Burlington & QuincyVO-1000 $55.00QAAR0165Mar 29, 16Engines
Fruit Dispatch Co.40' Woodside Reefer $12.00QAAR0179Mar 23, 16Rolling Stock
ECC InternationalKaolin Tank Car $12.00QAAR0188Mar 23, 16Rolling Stock
DupontKaolin Tank Car $12.00QAAR0190Mar 23, 16Rolling Stock
Fuelane CorpKaolin Tank Car $12.00QAAR0196Apr 11, 16Rolling Stock
DemonstratorTrain Master $65.00QAAR0205Apr 6, 16Engines
DemonstratorTrain Master $65.00QAAR0206Apr 6, 16Engines
Warren Petroleum11,000 Gallon Tank Car $14.00QAAR0207Apr 6, 16Rolling Stock
Diamond Shamrock17,360 Gallon Tank Car $15.00QAAR0208Apr 6, 16Rolling Stock
Chessie SystemCaboose $9.00QAAR0209Apr 6, 16Rolling Stock
Heinz VinegarWood Tank Car $14.00QAAR0223Apr 7, 16Rolling Stock
NoneBridge Piers (3) $1.00QAAR0264Apr 5, 16Accessories
New HavenFM H16-44 w/DCC $65.00QAAS0013May 1, 16Engines
Redon45' Trailer $8.00QAAS0089Apr 20, 16Accessories
UndecSD-60M $50.00QAAT0118May 2, 16Rolling Stock
St. Louis SouthwesternGE Dash 8-40B with DCC $75.00QABA0080Apr 1, 16Engines
Southern PacificEMD SD50 with DCC $75.00QABA0082Mar 30, 16Engines
Cotton BeltGE B30-7 with DCC $75.00QABA0088Mar 30, 16Engines
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