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AmtrakGP38 $80.00QAAT0062Nov 26, 16Engines
US ArmyGP-7 $90.00QAAT0064Dec 2, 16Engines
Milwaukee RoadMP15 $80.00QAAT0085Nov 20, 16Engines
Central VermontGP9 $80.00QAAT0086Nov 25, 16Engines
AmtrakGP-7 $75.00QAAT0089Nov 16, 16Engines
Central VermontGP9 $70.00QAAT0072Nov 7, 16Engines
White Pass and YukonC420 $75.00QAAT0074Nov 28, 16Engines
Soo LineGP38-2 $75.00QAAT0076Nov 2, 16Engines
NonePier Girders, 4 pieces $0.50QABG0014Sep 12, 16Structures
NoneBridge Piers $0.25QABG0015Dec 4, 16Structures
TransAmerica48' Trailer $8.00QABL0028Nov 28, 16Rolling Stock
Southern PacificVO-1000 with DCC $80.00QABM0002Nov 6, 16Engines
Southern PacificTrain Master with DCC $80.00QABM0003Nov 26, 16Engines
Atchison, Topeka & Santa FeB23-7 With DCC $70.00QABM0005Nov 21, 16Engines
Southern PacificSD-35 With DCC $70.00QABM0006Nov 8, 16Engines
Southern PacificSD-35 With DCC $70.00QABM0007Nov 27, 16Engines
Penn CentralPassenger Car $10.00QABN0208Nov 29, 16Passenger
Union PacificSD-60 $60.00QABP0004Dec 4, 16Engines
Procter & GambleACF Center Flow Hopper $14.00QABP0050Nov 25, 16Rolling Stock
DupontACF 5701 Plastics Hopper $15.00QABP0051Nov 18, 16Rolling Stock
Borg WarnerACF 5250 Hopper $14.00QABP0053Nov 13, 16Rolling Stock
Louisiana PacificACF 5701 Plastics Hopper $14.00QABP0054Nov 12, 16Rolling Stock
NoneStreet Light $18.00QABP0085Dec 4, 16Accessories
NoneStreet Light $18.00QABP0089Dec 4, 16Accessories
LackawannaFM Train Master $45.00QMS5227Dec 4, 16Engines
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