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Union PacificUnion Pacific 1990 $20.00QAJ0133Aug 19, 14Books-Videos
Union PacificEMD SD-60 wDCC $90.00QAJ0160Oct 9, 14Engines
Union PacificGE C40-8 $70.00QAJ0166Oct 12, 14Engines
Union PacificGE C30-7 $75.00QAJ0169Oct 18, 14Engines
Union PacificGE C30-7 $75.00QAJ0170Oct 14, 14Engines
Union PacificEMD SD40-2 $75.00QAJ0172Oct 15, 14Engines
Union PacificEMD GP40-2 wDCC $80.00QAJ0174Oct 8, 14Engines
Union PacificGE C30-7 $75.00QAJ0175Oct 18, 14Engines
AmtrakEMD F40PH $75.00QAJ0176Oct 11, 14Engines
AmtrakEMD F40PH $75.00QAJ0177Oct 7, 14Engines
Union PacificEMD SD-60M wDCC $90.00QAJ0181Oct 19, 14Engines
Union PacificEMD SD40-2 $75.00QAJ0182Oct 9, 14Engines
Union PacificBi-Level Auto Rack $35.00QAJ0184Oct 16, 14Rolling Stock
Denver & Rio Grande WesternBi-Level Auto Rack $35.00QAJ0186Oct 2, 14Rolling Stock
SouthernBi-Level Auto Rack $35.00QAJ0191Oct 18, 14Rolling Stock
CSXBi-Level Auto Rack $35.00QAJ0192Oct 14, 14Rolling Stock
Union Pacific57' Mechanical Reefer $15.00QAJ0223Oct 24, 14Rolling Stock
Union Pacific4740 3-Bay Covered hopper $14.00QAJ0224Oct 22, 14Rolling Stock
Cargill17600 Tank car $14.00QAJ0237Oct 21, 14Rolling Stock
Union PacificACF 4 Bay Covered Hopper $10.00QAJ0242Oct 23, 14Rolling Stock
HLMX90 Ton Hopper $8.00QAJ0264Oct 23, 14Rolling Stock
Chicago & North Western90 Ton Hopper $8.00QAJ0268Oct 24, 14Rolling Stock
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe90 Ton Hopper $8.00QAJ0277Oct 22, 14Rolling Stock
ACFXACF 3560 3-Bay Covered Hopper $10.00QAJ0283Oct 23, 14Rolling Stock
AmtrakSuperliner Coach/Baggage $28.00QAJ0296Oct 22, 14Passenger
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