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Union PacificUnion Pacific 1990 $35.00QAJ0133Feb 24, 14Books-Videos
Pacific Fruit Express50' Express Reefer $5.00QAK4802Apr 1, 14Rolling Stock
LoadBrown Cinder Gondola Load $0.25QAK5444Mar 30, 14Accessories
LoadGravel Gondola Load $0.75QAK5445Apr 2, 14Accessories
LoadGravel Gondola Load $0.25QAK5446Mar 30, 14Accessories
LoadCoal Hopper Load $0.75QAK5460Mar 24, 14Accessories
LoadCoal Hopper Load 3-pack $2.00QAK5465Mar 24, 14Accessories
LoadScrap Gondola Load $1.00QAK5471Mar 24, 14Accessories
Jersey CentralNACC 50' Box Car $12.00QAM0200Apr 18, 14Rolling Stock
Chessie System (C&O)50' PS-1 Plug Door Box Car $12.00QAM0206Apr 23, 14Rolling Stock
Western Pacific60' PS Auto Parts Box Car $14.00QAM0210Apr 20, 14Rolling Stock
Frisco60' PS Auto Parts Box Car $14.00QAM0212Apr 17, 14Rolling Stock
Rock Island50' PS-1 Plug Door Box Car $12.00QAM0214Apr 16, 14Rolling Stock
Mountain Pine LumberNACC 50' Box Car $10.00QAM0220Apr 21, 14Rolling Stock
BNSF53' Flat Car $12.00QAM0221Apr 22, 14Rolling Stock
Boston & Maine40' Z-Van Trailer 2-Pack $18.00QAM0230Apr 18, 14Accessories
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe40' Z-Van Trailer 2-Pack $18.00QAM0236Apr 23, 14Accessories
Atchison, Topeka and Santa FeEMD F-45 w/DCC & Sound $175.00QAM0240Apr 20, 14Engines
CSXEMD SD70M $80.00QAM0242Apr 17, 14Engines
CSXEMD SD70M $80.00QAM0244Apr 16, 14Engines
PennsylvaniaP-85 Coach $25.00QAM0250Apr 21, 14Passenger
Golden WestWoodchip Car $18.00QAM0251Apr 22, 14Rolling Stock
Chicago & North Western2 Bay Covered Hopper $10.00QAM0255Apr 15, 14Rolling Stock
Burlington Northern65' Mill Gondola $12.00QAM0260Apr 18, 14Rolling Stock
Chesapeake & Ohio65' Mill Gondola $14.00QAM0266Apr 23, 14Rolling Stock
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