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Smokey Bear® Collectors Train Set
Part #MTL-1505 N Scale Supply Price:
(MSRP: $179.99)

This is one sweet train set. Fit for chocolate lovers and train lovers alike, it's designed to haul its precious Hershey's™ cargo with great care, featuring such elements as a reflective cover on the gondola to keep product cool; coil-elliptic trucks on the box car to give its product a smooth ride; and a food grade insulated lining on the tank car to keep its contents clean and fluid. The train is headed up by a handsome 2,000 horsepower GP-20 locomotive, and finished up by a cozy caboose which promotes the confectioner's swirled ‘Hugs™’.
The Set Includes:

• Life-Like GP-20 Locomotive
• 40' Standard Box Car, Plug Door
• 39' Single Dome Tank Car
• 50' Steel Side, 14 Panel, Fixed End Gondola, w/ Low Cover
• 36' Riveted Steel Caboose, Offset Cupola

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