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Union Pacific Road # 498051
50' Standard Box Car, Plug Door
Part #MTL-032 00 470 N Scale Supply Price: Sold out
New: March 2012

This 50’ standard box car with plug door is painted Armour yellow with aluminum roof and ends. It was built in August 1963 and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. The UP “Automated Railway” map design was approved in 1962 to project an image of modern safety and efficiency resulting from the UP’s newly installed system of automated operational controls. The “Automated” map was applied only to smooth side boxcars and autocars to high light their cushion load underframes. Even though the UP “We can Handle It” slogan replaced the “Automated Railway” in 1970, many cars with the attractive map design remained running on the system. With the formation of the Union Pacific Corporation in 1969 the word“Railroad” was dropped from the UP Shield in 1970.


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