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Modern EMD (SD70+) Fan Package
1 Loco Part #BLM-66 N Scale Supply Price:

One of BLMA's most cutting edge parts to date! This fan set is designed to retrofit/upgrade the fans on later generation EMD such as SD60’s, SD70M’s and even SD90MAC’s. To mount:

1. Drill out existing fans, leaving only the round fan housing in place (notice we do not include a new fan housing, ONLY the top piece).

2. File or sand top of fan housing down no more then .005” to compensate for the new fan grills thickness

3. Putting the shell to the side, remove all pieces from the etched metal sheets. The large round “peace sign” looking part is the first you will work with.

4. In the middle of this part you will notice a little tab with a half etched line going through the bottom of it. Bend this tab straight up and down so it is perpendicular to the rest of the etching.

5. Next, mount your fan blade etching directly on top of the lower part (above). The fan blade etching should be suspended above the lower piece. Secure with a dab of super glue.

Note: For added realism, turn each fan blade a few degrees (like on a ceiling fan).

6. Next, spread glue to the underside of one fan housing. Look down on the model, bring your blade/bottom piece assembly up from inside the shell so the bottom piece comes in contact with the glue and set in place. MAKE SURE that you have the fan center of the fan blade etching in the center of your fan housing. The best way to do this is to eye ball it from the top down (i.e., the step above).

7. Once all of the fan blade assemblies are in place you can mount the top fan grill. We suggest spreading a thin layer of CA around the top of the fan housing and then placing the fan grill on top with tweezers.

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