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Great Northern 25' Wood Cupola Caboose Kit
Part #AMB-550 N Scale Supply Price $25.56

Picture courtesty of American Model Builders

We are pleased to announce our first offering in a new line of laser-cut N scale caboose kits the Great Northern 25 Wood Cupola Caboose. Kit No. 550 represents one of the 419 wooden cars from the GNs X-330 to X-749 series built between 1907 and 1930. In particular, our kit represents a member of the class after its modernization by the railroad starting in the 1950s, at which time the fleet received additional carbody windows, modified cupola, all-steel end platforms with railing and gates, square ladder extensions for added safety, tool boxes, and other updates that changed both their exterior and interior appearance. While there do appear to be some noticeable deviations in the final look of the cars, we believe our N scale kit has captured the most common features of these classic GN crummies, a number of which continued to serve well into the Burlington Northern era.

Kit No. 550 features: 100% laser-cut components with custom laser-scribed Birch plywood side, end walls, and cupola; Tab & Slot carbody construction; Peel & Stick window, door, and trim assembly; laser-cut underframe, end platforms, ladders, end railing, hand grabs, window glazing, and brake wheels; cast resin platform steps and brake gear; plastic smokejack; and fully illustrated instructions that provide information on painting and decaling the assembled model. We recommend the purchase of Micro-Trains No.1015-1 Universal Body Mount Couplers, Atlas No. 22061 Friction Bearing Caboose Trucks, Microscale decal sheet No. 60-757, and paint and glue of your choice for the completion of this kit.


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